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About Sri Bhavani Jewels

Sri Bhavani Jewels is a dream, an aspiration and an unwavering partnership through decades and generations. The business initially started as a jewellery repair shop with a motto to provide extraordinary services to our customers. Expanding to become a part-time business in 1966 with experience and expertise, a full-time business was set up in a showroom at Charkaman.

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Our principles, values and our strong customer bonds, has made our home-grown business into a well-recognised brand. Today, Sri Bhavani Jewels is flourishing under the care of second-generation partners with guidance from their fathers.

Our Vision

To build a strong business based on our core values and principles. Our focused efforts and creativity is to fulfil the jewellery aspirations of the Telugu community and create designs that are an ode and inspired by Telugu traditions.

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Our Mission

To deliver designs and creativity that celebrate and sustain Telugu traditions and to establish ourselves as one of the leading brands of AP-Telangana with 30 stores by 2030.

From Director's Desk

Our mission is to celebrate Telugu culture and traditions through our designs and this is the very reason why we want you to connect with us and support us. We thank all our customers for supporting us for almost 5 decades. It is because of your existence that now we are aiming high and are about to take the next big leap. We have enjoyed our business, we have celebrated our business and are grateful for everything that we have achieved through this business.

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  • Kukatpally - JNTU
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