Menaka collection is one of our

most gorgeous and elegant designer jewellery pieces

Jewellery adorned with precious and semi-precious gems, our Menaka collection is one of our most gorgeous and elegant designer jewellery pieces. Gemstones are the soul of costume jewellery. They have been used since ancient times, to beautify jewellery items. Their colour, lustre, cutting style and rarity, is what sets them apart from other mineral crystals and defines their value.

Several pieces of stunningly carved handmade gemstone jewellery have been discovered in the remains of ancient civilisations, highlighting the fact that gemstone jewellery was popular even then. Also, several Indian scriptures like Mahabharata and Ramayana, document the mystical healing powers of gemstones and how they were adorned by kings and queens to increase their process.

In the Mughal era, stone craftsmanship prospered in all parts of India. Many new forms of gemstones and semi-precious stones were used to create glorious jewellery pieces to complement the royal family’s day to day attire.

At Sri Bhavani Jewels, we produce some of the finest gemstone studded jewels in the world. Our Menaka collection is known to be immaculately set in to create marvellous stone studded jewellery items.

Some of the best-selling stone studded jewellery are

Navratna Jewelry

In Navratna jewellery, nine auspicious stones are set together in a single ornament to ensure the welfare of the adorner. These nine gems are ruby, pearl, diamond, emerald, coral, cat’s eye, sapphire, topaz and garnet; each for a specific metaphysical purpose.

Jadau Jewelry

Jadau jewellery is also known as “Engraved Jewelry” and is adorned on auspicious occasions like marriage or any other festivities. This unique artwork uses several semi-precious and precious stones, crystals and beads, which are embedded in a solid gold base.

Kundan Jewelry

This form of Indian gemstone jewellery flourished under the royal patronage of Mughals and still is an integral part of any traditional wedding trousseau. In this art form, a gem is mounted with a pure gold foil to lend it a unique identity and to isolate it from the neighbouring gems.

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