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Group of Girls Dancing

Jewel Kitty is a kitty party organized by Sri Bhavani Jewels for you in your society premises.

We bring this joyous celebration as a gratitude to all you women who make our homes a safe heaven.

Group of Women Dancing

Create a group and give us a phone call. We will coordinate, sponser and organize a fun-filled event for your exclusively

Event Highlights

A healthy and fun-filled atmosphere for all you ladies. We intend to celebrate the women and thank you for the sacrifices you make for your families.

We will organize a day with various activities and give you a day to remember and cherish.

Dont Cook

We will bring some delicious bites as well!

Jewelery Kit Showcase

And also, here’s a chance for you to take a look at the beautiful craft of gold that Sri Bhavani Jewels brings to your doorstep. You can also talk to our on-foot executives who will give you a tour of all musings of the display products.

Let's Celebrate

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