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Group of Girls Dancing

Welcome to Sri Bhavani Jewels! We are experts in creating beautiful and unique pieces of jewellery for our clients. Apart from that, we are excited to announce that we are organising a Kitty Party for the women in our society. We are organizing this event from 2019 onwards in various places and communities.

What is Kitty Party?

It is a social gathering where women join together to catch up, have fun, and enjoy one another's company. Also, people participating in the party have the opportunity to browse and try on our latest jewellery collections.

Our latest collections include PrakrutiMuhurthamJanakiMenaka, and Dhanalakshmi.

You can get tips from our jewellery design experts and participate in fun games and other activities.

Wait! That's not all!

Benefits for Women Corner Kitty Party

We will also be offering special discounts and promotions on our jewellery during the kitty party. It is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself or find a perfect gift for a loved one.

We hope to see you at our kitty party. Do not forget to bring your friends and make it a girls' day out.

Why This Kitty Party?

This kitty party is not just about shopping for incredible gold and diamond jewellery. It is about creating an enjoyable and memorable experience for women in our society.

The party ensures everyone gets maximum fun with a variety, and interactive activities involved.

Several activities involve;

Jewellery Making Workshop

We show you how we create your unique pieces of jewellery using different methods and techniques. This workshop helps you unleash your creativity and bring something true.

Fashion Show

Get a sneak peek at the latest trends and styles in our gold and diamond jewellery by watching our fashion show. You can see our jewellery on real models and get inspiration for your outfits.

Games and Prizes

We invite every woman to play games and participate in interactive activities, win prizes and giveaways for the winners. It provides the double joy of having fun and making new friends at the kitty party.

Refreshments and Snacks

No kitty party is complete without refreshments and snacks! Therefore, to add more fun, we provide a variety of delicious treats for your to enjoy while you shop and socialize.

Sri Bhavani Jewels - Kitty Party

As a jewellery company, we are committed to celebrating and empowering women. That's why we are conducting this kitty party every year for the women in our society. Thus we create a chance for us to come together, have fun, and show our gratitude for all that women can do.

Group of Women Dancing

At the kitty party, everyone will have the opportunity to browse and

try on our latest jewellery collections and get styling tips from our experts.

Enjoy the refreshments while having fun, and possibly even win prizes!

It is not just a traditional shopping event, but one step ahead of having fun and celebrating the strengths and achievements of women.

Every woman is unique and special, and that's why we want to create an event that reflects that.

Whether you are young or old, single or married, a mother or not, anyone deserves to be celebrated and appreciated.

We hope that you will join us at the kitty party and help us make it a joyous celebration of all that women are and all that they do. We can't wait to see you there!

Features of Our Kitty Party

Share stories or testimonials from previous attendees about their favourite memories or experiences from the kitty party. It can help to give potential attendees a sense of what they can expect and how much fun they can have.

Highlight any special features or activities that are unique to your kitty party. For example, you could mention any live entertainment or performances, special guest speakers, or interactive workshops that you have planned.

Share pictures or videos from previous kitty parties to give potential attendees a visual idea of what to expect. You could also consider creating a short promotional video that showcases the fun and joyous moments from previous kitty parties.

Emphasize the social aspect of the kitty party – it's a great opportunity for women to catch up with old friends, make new ones, and simply spend time together and have fun.

Potential Highlights for the Kitty Party Event

  • An opportunity to browse and try on the latest jewellery collections from the company.
  • Styling tips and advice from jewellery experts.
  • Interactive workshops and activities, such as a jewellery-making workshop or fashion show.
  • Games and prizes for attendees.
  • Special discounts and promotions on jewellery purchases.
  • Delicious refreshments and snacks.
  • Live entertainment or performances.
  • Special guest speakers or presentations.
  • A chance to meet your old friends and make new ones.

Create a group and give us a phone call. We will coordinate, sponser and organize a fun-filled event for your exclusively

Event Highlights

A healthy and fun-filled atmosphere for all you ladies. We intend to celebrate the women and thank you for the sacrifices you make for your families.

We will organize a day with various activities and give you a day to remember and cherish.

Dont Cook

We will bring some delicious bites as well!

Jewelery Kit Showcase

And also, here’s a chance for you to take a look at the beautiful craft of gold that Sri Bhavani Jewels brings to your doorstep. You can also talk to our on-foot executives who will give you a tour of all musings of the display products.

Let's Celebrate

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