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The Prakruti collection combines the shapes and silhouettes of many objects

Jewellery inspired by nature

Jewellery inspired by nature. Flora and fauna have been an inspiration for many jewellers since time immemorial. The Prakruti collection combines the shapes and silhouettes of many objects from nature like botanical forms like leaves, flowers and tendrils and birds like peacocks, parrots among others.

Bringing in nature's magnificence the Prakruti collection ranges from intricately worked designs to bold botanical statement pieces, every piece capturing the beauty of the natural world.

Designers and craftsmen at Sri Bhavani Jewels have always had nature as their inspiration. Carving jewellery pieces that imitate nature is creatively quite challenging.

The Prakruti theme for jewellery has been discovered and rediscovered by our designers across 2 decades and still never ceases to amaze us. Deducing the natural world in jewellery is one of our signature collections and has been revered by our patrons for since long.

Every piece of Prakruti is researched for months to study every unique angle and present the jewel. The floral designs for example are very delicate, every petal is unique and bends differently from the other. Our designers work on a 3D model with a few innovative technologies and are then made by hand entirely or blended with technology.

For centuries, flowers have been an integral part of weddings. In the olden days, before the arrival of jewellery, brides adorned themselves with fresh flowers, and it is no surprise that our nature themed jewellery is a big hit among the brides these days.

Our Prakruti collection with floral patterns, peacock motifs and other natural motifs are popular as they can be worn by every age and style. Prakruti jewellery are simple in design but are classic in their presentation.

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