Swarnamithra Gold Saving Scheme

Swarnamithra Scheme

Gold jewellery is synonymous with Indian culture. There is neither such event nor a joyous occasion that does not hold chime with the opulence of gold jewellery. While gold is revered in every household, it is an expensive investment.

With the Swarna Mithra saving scheme. Sri Bhavani Jeweles are bringing the ease factor of owning gold ornaments to every family.

  • Every subscription demands a payment of Rs. 5,000 or Rs. 10,000 for ten months.
  • If a customer paid Rs. 5,000 for 10 months, an additional Rs. 5,000 (one month amount) will be given as a discount against that particular purchase after plan maturity.
  • If a customer paid Rs. 10,000 for 10 months, an additional Rs. 10,000 (one month amount) will be given as a discount against that particular purchase after plan maturity.
  • Every subscriber will get a 1% smart redeem points on every purchase of gold jewellery, during the tenure of the plan.
  • If the existing plan member brings a new Subscriber, he or she will be rewarded with 250 to 500 smart redeem points, which can be redeemed after plan maturity.
  • Gold is not just a decorative ornament. it is a saving for some, while few splurge, the others manage and treasure it.
  • Every father treasures the birth of a daughter, Swarna mithra is a well-wisher to every such father who saves for his daughter’s future.
  • Swarna Mithra is for everyone! It can be daunting to spend lakhs on a gold ornament, which makes Swarna Mithra an affordable option to all.
  • The price of gold ornaments has skyrocketed in the past few years and is likely to increase in the future. The Swarna mithra scheme gives you the guarantee of owning gold ornaments.
  • You will get a discount of Rs. 10,000 on the purchase of ornaments from the Swarna Mithra scheme.
  • In other words, Sri Bhavani Jewels will invest Rs.10,000 on your regular payment in the scheme for 10 months.
  • You will be eligible to get 1% reward points on the purchase value(Excluding GST) after plan maturity.


Traditional Nakshi Haram and Necklace collections are simply graceful. We purchased total bridal set at Sri Bhavani Jewels, workman ship was superb.


I purchased diamond jewelry at Sri Bhavani Jewels; absolutely, it was spectacular. I wore this gorgeous diamond necklace, and I received many compliments!

Rita Mehata

We had an amazing experience at Sri Bhavani Jewels after purchasing the couple rings for our engagement ceremony, we wish to visit again to buy jewelries for our marriage.

Kamal and Vanitha

Excellent collection of vaddanam, I found sri bhavani jewels is the best place for bridal vaddanam collections, highly recommend this place for beautiful designs and workmanship was fantastic.


The best place for nice bridal jewellery, lot of designs with the reasonable prices. We purchased necklace, bottumala, jhumkas and nakshi bangles. We will look forward to visit again Sri Bhavani Jewels.

Rajya Laxmi

I purchased bahubali studs for my mother and she liked it very much, and I felt happy, thank you Sri Bhavani jewels for the wonderful collection of Jewellery. Definitely I will visit again!


Jewellery purchasing at Sri Bhavani Jewels for my daughter’s marriage is a wonderful decision. Each piece of jewellery is crafted very beautifully. Staff behavior is also so kind and good. I greatly recommend this place for jewellery purchasing.

Vandhana Mukundha

Wonderful place to buy bridal jewellery, the store is very huge and with a lot of collections in gold, diamond, and silver. Beautiful Kundan jewellery and I am really impressed with their jewellery designs. I would suggest this place to everyone who is looking for the latest bridal jewellery collection!

Sudha Vinayakrishna

I am very much happy to visit the all stores of Sri Bhavani Jewels, wonderful jewellery for bridal collections and all the jewellery designs are unique and trendy jewellery. Good customer courtesy and staff help us to select the jewellery according to our taste. And we will get a wide range of collections in gold and diamonds.

Vrindha Vennakoti

While shopping at Sri Bhavani Jewels I and my sister came across the Swarna Mitra investment plan, the staff explained us in detail. We invested our savings together and we have been buying gold every year since then. I will suggest others to invest as well.

Srikala Reddy

Vanashthali Puram - Hyderabad

Swarna Mitra helped me save. Gold is an investment and Sri Bhavani Jewels give Rs.10,000 with this scheme, it is easier for me to buy gold now. I have also referred my good friends here for that I am getting discounts as well. I have been saving with this scheme since 3 years.

Malini Krishna


I wanted to buy my daughters some gold when they grow up. Buying at once is very tough at this gold rate. Swarna Mitra has helped me save and buy gold for my family. We are extremely happy. Thanks.

Sankar Babu

Uppal - Hyderabad

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Terms and Conditions

  • By signing the Enrolment Form, you agree that you have read these Terms & Conditions that govern the “SBJ Swarna Mithra” and that you accept them.
  • The deposit amount will be treated purely as an advance against sales in any circumstances.
  • If a customer pays Rs. 10,000 for 10 months regularly, an additional one month i. e. Rs. 10,000 will be provided as a discount on a particular purchase made from the scheme.
  • Discounted advance will be given on regular payment as per the enrollment dates.(it is mandatory to pay monthly).
  • The payment is to be done in between 1st to 15th every month or 15th to 30th every month according to the enrollment dates.
    For maturity a period of i.e. 10 + 1 months of regular payments has to be completed.
  • Please note that the purchase of gold coins and bars, silver coins and silver bars are excluded from the “Swarna Mithra”.
  • The advance plan is to be redeemed(purchased) compulsory within 30 days from the date of maturity
  • If any existing member refers to a new member then he/she will get 500 Reward Points.
  • Every member can be eligible to get 1% reward points on the purchase value(Excluding GST) after plan maturity. The maximum reward points for each membership is 15k.
  • Redemption: Minimum of 100 reward points are needed for redemption, one reward point will be equal in value of Rs 1.
  • If any cheque returns, charges Rs. 250/- to be borne by the member.
  • Your transactions will qualify for inclusion in the “SWARNA MITHRA” rewards period only if you have been made on presentation of your Membership Card, at designated outlets. Any transaction you make which does not fulfill all these criteria will not be credited to your account, smart rewards card compulsory at the time of purchase only.
  • all dispute rights are reserved with the management of Sri Bhavani Jewels, Subject to Hyderabad jurisdiction.
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