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A Telugu inti pelli is

a festival of life.

Our Muhurtham jewellery collection is a reflection of the essence of a Telugu wedding. A display of unbridled bonds on love is our inspiration. Enthralled with the ceremonious chanting of the sacred mantras and "sannai mellam". Our jewellery raises to the occasion to join the sanctified celebration of fire, water, and air.

Muhurtham jewellery collection is inspired by the deep-rooted sense of Telugu culture and a ritual that celebrates the sacred bond of a lifetime. For us jewellery is not just a decorative prop, it is a symbol, a signature, a happy memory in the making for the future. We specialise in curated jewellery that sings in tune with every custom of a Telugu Wedding ceremony.

Telugu weddings are all about staying connected to your roots. Every ritual is performed with dedication and honesty, the Nischidartham is a kick-start to all the celebrations that follow. Exchanging rings by the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be during the ceremony is a symbolic gesture.

The jewellery of the bride-to-be, like the ritual that celebrates the compatibility of the jathakam, is a fusion of two styles. The engagement ring symbolises commitment, and the nature of a lifelong commitment to be wed is the inspiration behind our contemporary jewellery collections and engagement rings, jewellery that lasts for a lifetime.

With a subtle symbolism of spirituality, a Telugu wedding ceremony is always a pompous affair. Unparalleled aesthetic in its demeanour, the "Pellikuthuru cheyutha" (literally translates to the making of the Bride) is a joyful blend of traditions and family bonding moments.

While the girl is dolled up to be the bride, she brings in her attire the playfulness of the girl she was and displays the delicate spirit of the woman she is going to be! At Sri Bhavani Jewels, you will find curated masterpieces of gold jewellery that will bring out the soul of the function. SBJ brings you this wedding season's most graceful and exquisite gold and diamond jewellery sets.

A Telugu wedding is a festival celebrated with religious observances, that hold supreme importance in the heart of every Telugu family. At the predetermined auspicious time "Shubha Lagnam " happens the Jeelakarra-Bellamu and Mangalasutra Dharan.

Amidst the chanting of sacred mantras and "sannai mellam' (the music of clarinet), at the auspicious time of the Sumuhurtham, the couple place the Jeelakara Bellam on each other's heads. At this point, the couple is now officially man and wife.

A Telugu wedding reception exudes luxury with traditional elements woven in between dashes of modern elements. It is a party for the newlyweds where the new bride is the star of the show.

SBJ specialises in bringing the bride's vision to life. We custom-make wedding reception jewellery according to the reception theme and you can also choose from a wide range of gold and diamond jewellery we have crafted for all Telugu brides.

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